Cigna Health Insurance Quote

Cigna is one of the countries oldest health insurance companies. In 1792 after a series of meetings in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, a group of prominent citizens forms the Insurance Company of North America (INA). INA is the first marine insurance company in the United States, and it is still the nation’s oldest stockholder-owned insurer.

Cigna Health Insurance Quotes

Cigna individual health insurance plans offer incredible benefits and extraordinary pricing.  Our individual health insurance products are among the most affordable across many demographics in many states.

If you are shopping for a health plan for your family, start off by getting a Cigna health insurance quote.

Freedom of Choice

CIGNA Open Access Plus plans offers choice and convenience – access to our broad national provider network, while offering health care choices. For example:

  • Members have the option to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to serve as a personal physician and help coordinate health needs.
  • No referrals are necessary to see specialists in the network. Members Just choose the participating doctor prefered and make an appointment.
  • The option to see any licensed physician choosen within or outside of the Open Access Plus network – though benefits are higher when care is received from a provider in the Open Access Plus network.
  • Emergency care is covered 24 hours a day, no matter where the member receive it. You may go to any emergency facility, anywhere.

Where to Find the Care You Need

Here is a summary of your plan’s services and how to arrange for care.

Routine Medical Care (such as physical exams, mild fever and pains, chronic pain and, headaches, colds and flu).

  • Call a PCP within the network during office hours and he or she will provide you with medical advice and/or schedule an office visit for you.

Specialty Care (such as orthopedic or heart disease)

  • Make an appointment with a specialist within the network for an initial assessment, and if needed, he or she will provide medical advice and treatment.

Hospital Care (such as inpatient care and surgery, or outpatient surgery)

  • For non-emergency care, call a network PCP and he or she will work with you to coordinate all your hospital care.

Urgent Medical Care (such as fever, sprains or strains, eye or ear infections, or severe sore throat)

  • Call a network PCP and he or she will assess your situation and if necessary, give you advice on where to seek immediate care.

Emergency Care (such as poisoning, chest pains, broken bones, uncontrolled bleeding, loss of consciousness or sudden paralysis)

  • Go to the nearest emergency facility or call 911. Call a network PCP or CIGNA HealthCare as soon as reasonably possible, so that someone can coordinate your follow-up care.

If you have a question about your health, call a network physician. And for questions about your health plan or coverage, call the toll-free number on your CIGNA HealthCare ID card.

More control over health care decisions

The CIGNA Choice Fund® Health Savings Account (HSA) gives more. More control over health care decisions. More information and assistance to help make healthy choices. More options and more services.

In addition to health plan coverage, a CIGNA Choice Fund HSA offers:

  • A tax-deferred savings account to help pay for covered health care expenses*;
  • Control over how health care dollars are spent;
  • Freedom to choose doctors;
  • Convenient, online information and tools to help decide which doctors and services are desired;
  • Programs and services to help you stay well;
  • Financial stability through JP Morgan Chase, the administrator of the savings account.

More control. More assistance. More services. More of what you’re looking for in a health plan.

* Several states have not enacted legislation to allow pre-tax treatment of HSA contributions and/or earnings. You should work with your tax advisor to ensure that you are aware of any changes that may occur in these states. For your convenience, we have identified the following states as having these tax issues: Alabama, California, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Wisconsin

We also have partnered with AARP to offer health plans.